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Suction Heater


Suction heaters are an economical solution for pumping and transferring highly viscous fluids from API tanks for refinery and similar applications.

Application :

Heating of viscous materials, in large storage tanks, to pumping temperatures. Maintaining an entire tank of viscous fluids such as fuel oil or asphalt at pumping temperatures is very costly. In many applications it is not practical or economical because the tanks are located underground or are not insulated. Type SHO Suction Oil Heaters are a cost- effective solution to this problem. Suction heaters are specifically designed to heat only that amount of material that is to be pumped from a large storage tank. The outlet nozzle is attached to the pump suction. The heater heats the material inside the heater pipe body which is then drawn through the heater into the suction side of the pump. This technique saves substantial energy costs since it is not necessary to heat the entire contents of the tank to draw off relatively small amounts of viscous materials.

Suction heaters normally are shell and tube type exchangers or bayonet type heat exchangers, where tank side end of shell is open for direct fluid entry and tube side is U-tube construction or floating head type, front pull out construction. Shell is made removable or fixed type supported on tank bottom, whereas tubes are supported by baffles or cage.

Depending on temperature, heat transfer quantum, heat transfer rate, economy, fluid viscosity property and degree of temperature control calls for Steam, thermic fluid, hot water, condensing oil vapors or electrical heat tracing as heating medium for tank fluid discharging from exchanger nozzle to application or pump.

In case of bitumen and alike fluids, suction heaters are used along with floor coil heaters. This exchangers operates at shell side head of tank liquid level and offers low pressure drop. Vaporization of fluid during heating cause problem.

Material of construction can be stainless steel of different grades, carbon steel, copper and other depending on fluid compatibility.

Suction heaters eliminates the need of keeping tank fluid at elevated temperature in case of just in time heating application.