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Manufacturer of Process Equipments

System Engineers manufactures Process equipment in Carbon steel, Alloy steel, stainless steel types: SA 516 GR 60, 70, SA 240- TP 304,316,321 etc. Equipment offered are:

Storage Vessels & Reaction Vessels

As per ASME codes. The storage vessels are made in capacity ranging from 5000 lt. To
  100,000 lt. Both in horizontal as well as vertical construction.
Agitated vessels: Vessels with jacket/limpet/internal coil. Vessels with different types of
   stirrers: Anchor, propeller, turbine etc.
Multi shaft specialized dispersion vessels.



Heat Exchangers as per TEMA :

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers: Varied applications up to 1000 sq. mtr. Heat transfer area for
   Naptha Distillations, Aromatic chemicals, Fine-chemicals etc. Heat exchanger for heavy
   contaminated spent lube oils.

1. Naptha Distillations: Yash Organics, Ahmedabad, India.
2. Aromatic Chemicals: Terpene & catalysts Ltd, Nandesari, India.
3. Spent Lube oil: United Lube Oil co. Ltd, KSA.

Trombone Type Heat Exchangers to handle flow rate of 600 m3/hr with 460 sq. mtr heat
   transfer area for Atul Ltd, Ankleshwar, India.
Finned tube Heat Exchanger for air heating and air cooled condenser application, developed
   for 20,00,000 Kcal/hr capacity installed at United Lube oil co. Ltd. Damam, KSA.



U tube heat exchangers:

1. For Thermic oil cooling duty up to 150 sq. mtr H/T area Hitech Industry Ltd.
2. Process industry such as Pigment, Fine-chemicals, Fertilizer etc.
3. Bayonet type For Furnace oil/ Heavy Fuel oil storage tank heating application:
    Bitumen Storage Facility At Port Khalid, Sharjah for Emirate lube oil company.

Various types of Blenders & Mixers for Dry powders as well as liquid

Various dryers such as Rotary vacuum dryers, Tunnel dryers, Hot Air generators etc.

Columns distillation column, scrubbing column
Grinding equipments horizontal pressurized sand mill, bead mill, ball mill etc for paints, dyes
   and other fine chemicals.


Paint Industries

Ball Mill


Sand Mill