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  M/s Reichhold Inc.- Pensacola US04

  Pensacola Plant,
  425 South Place Blvd.,
  Pensacola FL 32501, USA

  6 m3 capacity triple shaft disperser with 200 hp high shear
  mixer, 75 hp Augur disperser and 50 hp central side
  sweep agitator.

  M/s Reichhold s.r.l.

  Via Romagnoli, 23 43056 S.
  Polo di Torrile, PARMA, Italy.
  Tel: +39 0521 812811

  81,000 ltr capacity maleic anhydride storage tank from SS
  304 with external limpet coil.

  PO BOX 2175,

  Three no. Suction heaters for 4000 ton capacity Bitumen
  storage tank for Emirate Lube oil company at Sharjah
  M/s Seydel Nigeria Ltd. Lagos, Nigeria

  5 ton batch capacity Textile Binder plant and 1.5 ton capacity Textile softener/additive plant
  Installation: 1998
  M/s Pailac Resin Complex Pvt. Ltd. Dhaka Bangladesh

  4 ton batch capacity PVA Emulsion plant, Alkyd Resin plant
  Installation: 1999
  M/s Brother Chemical complex

  4 ton batch capacity PVA Emulsion plant, paint shop equipment
  Installation: 2000
  Ms Purechem Industries Ltd. Lagos Nigeria

  Process equipment
  Installation: 2001
  M/s Romano Paints Ltd. Dhaka Bangladesh

  Process equipment
  Installation: 2002
  M/s United Lube Oil co. Ltd. Damam, KSA.

  12000 Kg/hr capacity Lube Oil De-hydration plant
  Installation: 2004
  M/s Eurotech Ind. Ltd., Almati, Kazakhstan

  Paint machinery
  Installation: 2004
  M/s Hitech Industries Ltd, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE.

  Emulsion plant and Alkyd Resin plant Heat Exchangers, Process vessels.
  Installation: 2004-05
  M/s Fine chemicals Ltd. Lagos, Nigeria.

  5 ton batch capacity PVA Emulsion plant & 5 ton Alkyd Resin plant
  Installation: 2005
  M/s Qatar Petroleum co. Ltd., Doha Qatar.

  Plant shutdown and Heat exchanger Revamping assignment
  Installation: 2005
  Clients of India
  M/S. Buyer ABS Ltd.

  Process Equipment
  Installation: 2002
  M/S. Merino Industries,  Hapur

  Blender for Food Products
  Installation: 2005
  M/S. Grand Polycoastes Ltd.

  Paint Machinery, Ball Mills, Disperser, Bead Mills
  Installation: 2003
  M/S. Meghmani Industries

  Sigma Kneader, Rotary Dryer 
  Installation: 2003
  M/S. Gujarat State Fertilizer Corp.

  Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Clarifiers,
  Installation: 2005
  M/S. SBS Organics Ltd. , Ankleshwar, Gujarat.

  Rotary Vacuum Dryer, Ball Mill, Blenders for CPC & Beta Blue
  Installation: 2002
  M/S. Atul Ltd. , Ankleshwar, Gujarat.

  Trombone type Heat Exchangers Ion Exchange for Banks
  Installation: 2003
  M/S Yesh Organics Ltd.

  Distillation System for Naptha.
  Installation: 2002
  M/S Larsen & Tubro  Ltd.
  Installation: 2003
  M/S PAB Organics Pvt. Ltd., Nandesari, Gujarat.
  Bulk Drug
  Installation: 2002
  M/S Concord Biotech Ltd.
  Bulk Drug
  Installation: 2005
  M/S Terpene & Catalysts Ltd.
  Distillation system for Perfumery Products
  Installation : 2005-06